Monday, 23 November 2015

Filming Complete

Yesterday we finally managed to get our filming done for our continuity task. Our whole group were present and each of us fulfilled our roles. We managed to get all our shots we needed within 2 hours, which shows we were efficient and well organised. Mason got most of the shots and took control in that department but I helped out when she was stuck or I felt like something needed improving. Aashna told us what we had to do next and directed the group strongly. I was also really impressed with our actors; Harvey and Jess. They learnt their lines quickly and we got most of the scenes done within one or two takes.
The only problem we ran into was that we realised our film was too long and we had to cut it down. We had to get rid of our proposed fight scene and have a mysterious phone call instead. Although this was a fairly major adjustment, we thought of a great alternative idea that meant we didnt have to edit the script too much and we still think we have a really unique and high quality short film.

I have already begun editing the first draft and i'm excited to put my skills into practice.

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