Thursday, 5 November 2015

Iceland Video

I recently went on a school trip to Iceland, it was a great experience. As there are so many things to see and experience there, I thought it would be a great oppurtunity to bring my DSLR camera, record some clips and put a short film together. It would give me a chance to try out some techniques and skills we have been working on in Media, such as rule of thirds and using premiere pro. I am very happy with the end result but there are also many things i can improve; 

-          Focus of camera: close up of black sand was a dynamic shot but sadly not in focus. Other shots not always in focus
-          Hand held most of the time is quite steady however when shooting a close up i should try to use a tripod where possible as these shots were zoomed in & this made them appear quite shaky
-          I struggled to make the church scene fit with the tone of the film, so i need to research ways in how to to smoothly change the mood of a film.

I used a Canon D3200 to film the video. Next time i would bring more lenses with me so i could get a larger variety of shots. I would also use a tripod to stabilise my shots.

Overall I am very glad I made the film because I feel more ready and prepared for our continuity task.

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