Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Job Roles In Our Prelimanary task

As mentioned in a previous blog post, our task is to prepare and shoot a short film containing someone entering a room and engaging in a conversation with someone in the room. We are completing this task in a group of 3. My group is:
Aashna Jadeja 
Mason Clifford
Arthur Hill (me)

Each person in our group was allocated a different Job role that suits their skill set and characteristics. Aashna was given the role of Director and Producer. Her job is to direct and overlook the making and preparation of the piece. She must help with the script,camera shots and organise the rest of the group to make sure they are all working as hard as possible. Although the director is probably the most important role in the group, she must let the rest of the group influence her decisions and take their opinions into account.  So far I think she has done a very good job as a director. She has listened to everyones views, she has helped make our idea into a unique and interesting plot and has been very clear on when she wants things done by. If she continues in this way I believe she will lead us to a very good final piece. 

Mason was given the role of DOP (director of photography). This job requires her to take control with all the camera work. This means she must know different shot types, the best position for shots and most importantly she must know what shot to do when. Although most of this will take place during filming, Mason must also create a shot list so we know exactly what we are doing before we film. This means thinking about the task frame by frame and thinking about each and every different camera shot we will need. Mason must also think about the Mise En Scene in our film.For instance the lighting and setting is crucial for Mason to think about. I think Mason has done well as a DOP so far. One thing I'm really impressed with is that she has got involved with everything, even when it does not connect to her job role. We are running slightly behind of finishing our shot list but it will be completed before we begin filming.

As Editor my main role is to put together and assemble all the shots we have filmed and make the film interesting and seemingly professional. I have to take many things into account when editing; will the plot line be clear? Do the titles look professional? Which shots shall I use in the final cut? One thing I must do is match my editing to the tone of the film. This is expressed through transitions, background music and the length of shots.Despite my job being mainly in post production I have tried to get involved as much as i can with the other aspects of our preparation. I helped come up with initial idea and I am helping with the writing of the script. I for one am confident I can edit our film to a high standard and help make it a unique and entertaining piece.

So far I think our group is working really well together and we are each pushing each other to go beyond our comfort zone. The only thing I think we can improve on is being more efficient with our deadlines.

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