Monday, 9 November 2015

Rule of Thirds and 180


The rule of thirds is essentially a set of imaginary lines that divide the frame into nine sections. This creates reference points which act as guides for framing the image. The thirds are separated by lines going horizontally and vertically. If you want an image to seem more interesting and to stand out, you would place the focus of the image on one of the ‘focus points’ (places where the lines meet)

In the above image you can see the effect of using the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds stems from a theory that the human eye naturally looks to intersection points that occur when an image is split into thirds.
Of course rules are meant to be broken. When taking a shot of a person up close, it is sometimes better to place them in the centre of the shot, so it’s obvious they are important. However even when taking portraits, you should make sure that the eyes are on focus points, like so:

180 RULE

The 180 rule shows where to put the cameras during a conversation between two people:

The Brown haired character is looking to the audiences left, the blonde character is looking to the audience’s right. This gives off the effect that they are looking at each other when the different shots are edited and cut together, and therefore the audience get more immersed in the conversation. It is more effective than having both characters in shot because the audience can see more facial expressions and emotions.

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