Tuesday, 10 November 2015


SHOT LIST (rough)
Title screen- 5/6 secs
Medium shot of main character walking into frame- 3 secs
Close up shot on face when he answers the phone- 3 secs
Medium shot of character walking down street- 5 secs
Close up face when he hangs up phone- 2 secs
Medium shot walking- 2 secs
Close up shot face, answers phone again- 4 secs
Extreme close up of watch before ending phone call-2 secs
Long shot of another man running into frame, tackling main character- 3 seconds
Various close and medium shots for short fight scene- 7/10 seconds
Crossover with transition to Main characters wife at home, finishing making dinner- 3 seconds
Close up on main character looking at the watch panicking- 1 second
Long shot as main runs away from attacker- 2/3 seconds
Another tilt medium shot of wife about to put dinner on the table
Close up shot as wife places dinner on table- 2 seconds
Camera then zooms to front door as main enters- 5 seconds
Close up shot of him doing up tie-3 seconds
Medium shot as he greets wife—3 seconds
Close up shot as he winks at camera- 1 second

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