Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Technical Areas In The Exam

Before going into our exam, it is vital that we know what to expect. No matter what, we will definitely have to talk about how one of the following aspects is REpresented in the 5 minute 'tv drama' extract we have to watch:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Regional Identity
  • Ethnicity
  • Ability/Disabillity
  • Sexuality
  • Class and Status

These aspects are REpresented through four different technical areas:

  • Camera shots, angles, Movement and Composition 
  • Editing 
  • Sound
  • Mise En Scene
We have to think about how these technical areas help represent one of the above aspects. So for instance if we had to discuss gender and in the extract there was a low angle shot from a woman's POV and a man was looking down to the camera, This would suggest that the Male is more dominant than the female. This would come under the 'camera shots' area. We would have to think about how the other 3 technical areas are used as well as this. Does anything in the Mise en scene represent Genre? Does the music suggest anything either?

As part of our preparation for the exam, we have to think about the certain stereotypes that come with an area of representation and how they can be shown through the technical areas. Some stereotypes of gender are:
  • Male vs Female (binary opposites)
  • Males are more dominant than females
  • Females are more mature than males
  • Males are aggressive 
  • Females are tender, sometimes weak
  • Females often helped by males when in dangerous situations
  • Females show more emotion
  • Girls associated with pink,bright colours
  • Boys associated with Red, Blue 
The reason its important to know certain stereotypes and binary opposites is that we can already know all the different aspects we can talk about in our notes and actual exam, Hopefully this makes us more comfortable and confident in the exam, and results in a better grade.

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