Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Understanding Premiere Pro

The first thing im going to discuss is File Formats. When making films or video, you must consider what file format to export it in. Each format has different features and they are suited for different things. Here are the main three file formats and their advantages and disadvantages:
  Avi-  AVI files support multiple streaming audio and video. if AVI files are compressed using some codecs then in order to play the file it needs the same codec to be installed on the device. Put in simple terms, this means AVI may not play on all machines due to its codec. AVI files if uncompressed can be very large in size as compared to the other file formats.

Wmv-Windows Media (WMV) is a file type which can contain video in one of several video compression formats developed by Microsoft. The original video format, known as WMV, was originally designed for Internet streaming. It also compresses the video which makes it smaller and easier to use/upload. I use WMV when exporting my videos because I find it uploads quickly to youtube but retains a high quality.

Mp4- Professional but often large file format that can be played on the internet. Therefore good for youtube and other internet videos.

I should also note the file format .MOV because this is the main file format used by macintosh users. It requires a very specific codec to work but is very high quality with large file sizes.


When opening up premiere, you will have to decide whether to make your video NTSC or PAL. These are two types of colour coding systems that affect the quality of the content you make on TVs. NTSC runs at 30 frames per second. A frame is a still image, but when different images are put together it becomes a moving image, so your seeing 30 still images per seond. NTSC also has an aspect ratio of 720x480. Aspect ratio is the width and height of the image. However PAL runs at 25 fps and at a ratio of 720x576. NTSC is used in the US and Japan whereas PAL is used in the UK, Australia and Sweden. This means that if you try and play NTSC in England, it wont work on most DVD players.
So when opening premiere, you should make sure you select the right coding system for where you are using it.

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