Monday, 28 December 2015


Certificates 15 & 18 Research

In the film industry, certificates given to films are based on 9 themes the movie contains. These include:

  • Discrimination
  • Drugs
  • Horror
  • Imitable behavior
  • Language
  • Nudity
  • Sex
  • Theme
  • Violence

Certificate 15

The bbfc have set guidelines on what a 15 may include. These are split up into the 9 categories listed above.
The work as a whole must not endorse discriminatory language or behaviour.
Drug taking may be shown but the film as a whole must not promote or encourage drug misuse. The misuse of easily accessible and highly dangerous substances (for example, aerosols or solvents) is unlikely to be acceptable.
Strong threat and menace are permitted unless sadistic or sexualised.
Imitable behaviour
Dangerous behaviour (for example, hanging, suicide and self-harming) should not dwell on detail which could be copied. Easily accessible weapons should not be glamorised.
There may be frequent use of strong language. The strongest terms may be acceptable if justified by the context. Aggressive or repeated use of the strongest language is unlikely to be acceptable.
Nudity may be allowed in a sexual context but without strong detail. There are no constraints on nudity in a non-sexual or educational context.
Sexual activity may be portrayed without strong detail. There may be strong verbal references to sexual behavior, but the strongest references are unlikely to be acceptable unless justified by context. Works whose primary purpose is sexual arousal or stimulation are unlikely to be acceptable.
No theme is prohibited, provided the treatment is appropriate for 15 year olds.
Violence may be strong but should not dwell on the infliction
of pain or injury. The strongest gory images are unlikely to
be acceptable. Strong sadistic or sexualised violence is also
unlikely to be acceptable.
There may be detailed verbal references to sexual violence
but any portrayal of sexual violence must be discreet and
have a strong contextual justification.

Certificate 18

In line with the consistent findings of the BBFC’s public consultations and The Human Rights Act 1998, at ‘18’ the BBFC’s guideline concerns will not normally override the principle that adults should be free to choose their own entertainment. Exceptions are most likely in the following areas:

  • Where the material is in breach of the criminal law, or has been created through the commission of a criminal offence
  • Where material or treatment appears to the BBFC to risk harm to individuals or, through their behaviour, to society - for example, any detailed portrayal of violent or dangerous acts, or of illegal drug use, which may cause harm to public health or morals. This may include portrayals of sexual or sexualised violence which might, for example, eroticise or endorse sexual assault
  • Where there are more explicit images of sexual activity which cannot be justified by context.  Such images may be appropriate in "R18" works, and in "sex works" will normally be confined to that category.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Typography Research

As part of our main task, our group has to conduct some research on various aspects of the 'thriller' genre. I was given the task of looking at Typography. Here is what i came up with:

Typography: the style and appearance of printed matter. In films it can be anything from the main title to the credits. It is very crucial in setting the tone of the film.  Here are a few examples:

Se7en: The typography used is a san-serif style of font which makes the title bold. The white text with the large font size an the text in capital letters, adds to the clearness and boldness of the text from the background images. The font also has a blurred effect. This may connote crime and hidden identity as blurred images are commonly associated with things that should not be shown.

The number '7' replacing the 'v' in the typography links to the title of the film and makes the title unique and creative. Furthermore some of the text looks like its been etched into a wall of some sort. This connotes craziness and says to the audience that their is a potential psycho in the film

Inception: The typography used is set in a bold, san-serif font, and is red. This makes the title stand out from the background images. The text has a large font size adding to the clearness and boldness of the title. The colour red is associated with anger, blood and danger which connotes that this thriller film involves action. The colour red can also connote love and desire in this thriller. 

Shutter Island: The typography used is very similar to the above film, bold and red. However the style of the fonts looks like the text has been blurred. This connotes that the film is mysterious and potentially scary. 

Black Swan: The typography used is a serif style of font. This symbolises the elegant aspect of this film, as serif font styles are commonly associated with females. This connotes that the target audience for this film is woman. The black text colour links to the title 'Black Swan'. This connotes that its going to be quite a dark psychological triller.

Casino Royale: The typography used is once again a san-serif font with a blurred ultra blue effect. The blurred effect connotes speed and pace to the film, suggesting this film involves action. 

Taken: The typography used is a san-serif font to connotes masculinity. This suggest this film involves action and violence. The white text colour with the large font size and all the letters in capitals, makes the tile bold and stands out from the background.  The text also looks like a modern digital watch, connoting that the film could be to do with time.


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Voice Editing

This video explains how I made my voice sound like its coming through the phone.


I did not know how to do this when I started editing so I researched in great detail. The video below was very useful.

Continuity Task First Draft

Here is our first draft, edited by myself with the help of Aashna and Mason.

 We are generally very happy with our film. Of course, there are some improvements to be made, here are a few:

  • In the sequence when Jess is putting the dinner on the table, it is sometimes hard to hear the music in the background, so I will increase the volume in premiere pro for the final cut.
  • When Harvey answers the phone for the first time, the close up of his face is slightly out of focus but not bad enough for us to re shoot.
  • When Jess and Harvey are having their conversation over dinner, the shot of Jess is much darker. I may have to tint the footage or use colour keying to make it seem lighter than it was and match the lighting in the shot of Harvey speaking.
All these improvements will be made for the final cut.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Essay comparison/ evaluation

My first essay needed a lot of improvements so Mr Ford asked me to look at Aayush's essay on Doctor Who and compare it to mine on Jane Eyre. The first thing I noticed is that my essay had a lot more review and comment that Aayush's. However a lot of my comments werent relevant to the question of how gender is represented. This is something I was aware of whilst writing the essay but i struggled to find ways of linking it to this. Reading his essay has helped me understand how to do this in the future. Aayush also discussed a lot of different camera shots and technical langauge, which i dont think i did enough of. Every shot connotes something and has meaning, I need to learn how to analyse this quickly and efficiently.
Furthermore Aayush spoke about all four of the technical areas ( mise en scene, camera, sound and editing) throughout his essay. Although I was fairly confident about mise en scene and sound, I struggled to speak in detail about editing and camera. I want my essay to show that i can speak about all four of the technical areas with confidence. To improve on this next time I will look at our revision booklet and revise some technical terms. 
Finally, I was very impressed by the fact that Aayush spoke about how the context and current events related to gender. He went into detail about how Martha defied the typical stereotype of women being weaker than men and how that view is changing in the 21st century. This was a very unique point and shows that Aayush has a very good understanding of the piece.

Mr ford asked us to give Aayush a mark out of 20 in each area. Here are my guesses:

Explanation/Analysis/Argument: 16/20

Examples: 15/20

Techincal: 6/10

Overall: 37/50

Monday, 7 December 2015

Seven Title sequence analysis

The opening to the film has been made to be in the form of a title sequence that contains various shots displaying graphic and disturbing visuals making for an effective opening sequence to a film of the thriller genre. The non-diegetic sound included within the sequence works very well with the visuals used. The music has this eerie and sinister vibe causing the audience to immediately understand the tone. It’s very dark and unsettling. The music achieves this through the use of high pitched screeching noises in addition to the digitally created sounds in order to create a feeling of distortion and insanity.
Most of the shots are framed with an "extreme close up" of a particular object which has enhanced the audience's focus on the images presented to them by playing with the depth of field of the shot. All the focus is mainly on the object that is close to the camera, but it sometimes flickers in and out of focus, this continues the feeling of insanity in the sequence but also shows the audience where to look. Furthermore the audience are looking to retrieve information about the character and storyline throughout the sequence, so the fact that the focus is always changing teases the audience as they try and find clues in all the different shots. This keeps them intrigued throughout. Another way in which the editor has contributed to the concept is through the editing and pacing of the sequence; due to the fast pace of the sequence causing the audience to witness brief glimpses of these disturbing contents allowing the audience to not only further test their ability to remember details that may be need within the story but to justify that the overall tone and feel of the film's story will rely the gritty and dark nature.
The director has set the tone through the inclusion of few dark colours. This connotes the idea of discomfort and evil due to the shadowy look of all the shots. This was important to note as the colours indexical meanings associate with the mise en scene from the shot.

This particular shot shows off all of the above. The Extreme close up feels to intimate and its almost uncomfortable to watch, the director intended you to see each mark and bit of skin on his thumbs because its grotesque. To add to this the dark shadowing in the shot makes it seem more sinister and important, he is doing something bad.

Overall this is a very effective opening sequence. It immediately draws the attention of the audience and certainly makes it clear what genre the film is. The shot types and non-diegetic sounds are unique as well as effective. However most importantly it makes you want to continue watching the film.