Monday, 14 December 2015

Typography Research

As part of our main task, our group has to conduct some research on various aspects of the 'thriller' genre. I was given the task of looking at Typography. Here is what i came up with:

Typography: the style and appearance of printed matter. In films it can be anything from the main title to the credits. It is very crucial in setting the tone of the film.  Here are a few examples:

Se7en: The typography used is a san-serif style of font which makes the title bold. The white text with the large font size an the text in capital letters, adds to the clearness and boldness of the text from the background images. The font also has a blurred effect. This may connote crime and hidden identity as blurred images are commonly associated with things that should not be shown.

The number '7' replacing the 'v' in the typography links to the title of the film and makes the title unique and creative. Furthermore some of the text looks like its been etched into a wall of some sort. This connotes craziness and says to the audience that their is a potential psycho in the film

Inception: The typography used is set in a bold, san-serif font, and is red. This makes the title stand out from the background images. The text has a large font size adding to the clearness and boldness of the title. The colour red is associated with anger, blood and danger which connotes that this thriller film involves action. The colour red can also connote love and desire in this thriller. 

Shutter Island: The typography used is very similar to the above film, bold and red. However the style of the fonts looks like the text has been blurred. This connotes that the film is mysterious and potentially scary. 

Black Swan: The typography used is a serif style of font. This symbolises the elegant aspect of this film, as serif font styles are commonly associated with females. This connotes that the target audience for this film is woman. The black text colour links to the title 'Black Swan'. This connotes that its going to be quite a dark psychological triller.

Casino Royale: The typography used is once again a san-serif font with a blurred ultra blue effect. The blurred effect connotes speed and pace to the film, suggesting this film involves action. 

Taken: The typography used is a san-serif font to connotes masculinity. This suggest this film involves action and violence. The white text colour with the large font size and all the letters in capitals, makes the tile bold and stands out from the background.  The text also looks like a modern digital watch, connoting that the film could be to do with time.


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