Monday, 18 January 2016

Deadpool Review

Deadpool isn’t just a stereotypical action movie. It’s a romantic love story, a comedy full of sexual innuendos, a gory horror and a stereotypical action movie. It contains every action flick cliché — the slow-motion cars flipping, explosions left and right, unreal fight scenes and that one-handed superhero landing that’s gotta be hell on the knees — and it’s aware of that. It’s a conventional action movie that makes fun of that fact. The movie’s self-awareness is especially showcased in the breaking of the fourth wall scenes, a characteristic that anyone who has read the comics knows Deadpool is notorious for.
But the best thing about the movie was that I could completely relate to Wade Wilson more than any other hero that Marvel has given us a movie about; he’s someone that the average person can identify with. He gets bored during taxi rides, forgets whether he left the stove on, screams the F-word repeatedly during stressful situations and understands that pizza makes everything better. With Dead pool, we no longer have to relate to superheroes who are invincible (I’m looking at you, Superman).
The only reservation I have about recommending this movie is its R rating. I wouldn’t recommend Deadpool if you’ve got hang-ups about a few sex scenes, some bloody gore and cursing — especially cursing. This film earns a well-deserved R rating for foul language — even a sailor could learn a few creative curses. But, other than that, I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. Marvel pro tip: stay till the very end of the credits. Trust me — everyone will judge you if you walk out before the lights turn on.

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