Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Essay comparison/ evaluation

My first essay needed a lot of improvements so Mr Ford asked me to look at Aayush's essay on Doctor Who and compare it to mine on Jane Eyre. The first thing I noticed is that my essay had a lot more review and comment that Aayush's. However a lot of my comments werent relevant to the question of how gender is represented. This is something I was aware of whilst writing the essay but i struggled to find ways of linking it to this. Reading his essay has helped me understand how to do this in the future. Aayush also discussed a lot of different camera shots and technical langauge, which i dont think i did enough of. Every shot connotes something and has meaning, I need to learn how to analyse this quickly and efficiently.
Furthermore Aayush spoke about all four of the technical areas ( mise en scene, camera, sound and editing) throughout his essay. Although I was fairly confident about mise en scene and sound, I struggled to speak in detail about editing and camera. I want my essay to show that i can speak about all four of the technical areas with confidence. To improve on this next time I will look at our revision booklet and revise some technical terms. 
Finally, I was very impressed by the fact that Aayush spoke about how the context and current events related to gender. He went into detail about how Martha defied the typical stereotype of women being weaker than men and how that view is changing in the 21st century. This was a very unique point and shows that Aayush has a very good understanding of the piece.

Mr ford asked us to give Aayush a mark out of 20 in each area. Here are my guesses:

Explanation/Analysis/Argument: 16/20

Examples: 15/20

Techincal: 6/10

Overall: 37/50

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