Monday, 7 December 2015

Seven Title sequence analysis

The opening to the film has been made to be in the form of a title sequence that contains various shots displaying graphic and disturbing visuals making for an effective opening sequence to a film of the thriller genre. The non-diegetic sound included within the sequence works very well with the visuals used. The music has this eerie and sinister vibe causing the audience to immediately understand the tone. It’s very dark and unsettling. The music achieves this through the use of high pitched screeching noises in addition to the digitally created sounds in order to create a feeling of distortion and insanity.
Most of the shots are framed with an "extreme close up" of a particular object which has enhanced the audience's focus on the images presented to them by playing with the depth of field of the shot. All the focus is mainly on the object that is close to the camera, but it sometimes flickers in and out of focus, this continues the feeling of insanity in the sequence but also shows the audience where to look. Furthermore the audience are looking to retrieve information about the character and storyline throughout the sequence, so the fact that the focus is always changing teases the audience as they try and find clues in all the different shots. This keeps them intrigued throughout. Another way in which the editor has contributed to the concept is through the editing and pacing of the sequence; due to the fast pace of the sequence causing the audience to witness brief glimpses of these disturbing contents allowing the audience to not only further test their ability to remember details that may be need within the story but to justify that the overall tone and feel of the film's story will rely the gritty and dark nature.
The director has set the tone through the inclusion of few dark colours. This connotes the idea of discomfort and evil due to the shadowy look of all the shots. This was important to note as the colours indexical meanings associate with the mise en scene from the shot.

This particular shot shows off all of the above. The Extreme close up feels to intimate and its almost uncomfortable to watch, the director intended you to see each mark and bit of skin on his thumbs because its grotesque. To add to this the dark shadowing in the shot makes it seem more sinister and important, he is doing something bad.

Overall this is a very effective opening sequence. It immediately draws the attention of the audience and certainly makes it clear what genre the film is. The shot types and non-diegetic sounds are unique as well as effective. However most importantly it makes you want to continue watching the film.

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