Monday, 11 January 2016

Black Swan Opening Sequence

The titles begin with a dark back drop which juxtaposes with the white, capital letters of the writing. The writing is in serif font which is slim and tall and looks very feminine.  The words fade slowly in and out, and words such as ‘presents’ are written smaller than company names. The title ‘Black Swan’ then appears in the centre of the frame, bigger and bolder compared to the previous writing, however it is still in serif font. Overall, the whole title sequence is very simple and sets a slow pace to the start of the film. 
The clip opens with a black backdrop, and white, capital letters in serif font slowly fading in and out of the screen appearing for around 5 seconds. The title ‘Black Swan’ then appears more centralised, bigger and bolder. We then see a Long shot of Nina centralised on a dark stage which gives the impression she is an important character. One spotlight shines on her, and we see a close up shot of her feet as she starts to dance. This is followed by a medium shot whilst she sits on the floor, and finally a long shot to show a man walking onto the stage towards her. a close up of her face is used to show her facial expression, which is scared and square-on to the camera. The camera spins around them as they dance which connotes how twisted the film becomes, we then see a medium shot of the man as he spins and changes costume, she does the same and turns into the white swan. This scene fades into a black backdrop, and then fades into the second scene.

Classical swan lake music plays quietly in the background as the titles appear, and as the title ‘Black Swan’ appears, we hear a very quiet evil laugh. Perhaps to foreshadow the evil that corrupts Nina throughout the film. The music then increases in volume when Nina starts dancing. When the man walks on the music quietens and becomes tenser as we are unsure who this man is. You hear Nina’s breathing which connotes her fear, as well as non-diegetic sound of a swan flapping its wings, occurring as they dance. There are sound effects as he changes costume, and the music becomes louder, more dramatic and increases pace. The music stays loud when she changes but slows and starts to fade as she walks away from the camera.

The clip starts by showing only a black stage and a single spotlight throughout the entire first scene. This shows her importance in the film. At the beginning of the clip we see Nina in a white ballet dress that reaches below her knees. The colour white connotes her purity and innocence. She is also wearing ballet shoes and wears her hair gelled into a bun, this gives the audience an insight of her character that seems very professional. The man in the first scene wears black which connotes danger or mystery. He then changes into wearing a black feathery costume with a large nose and horns which may be seen as monstrous and scary. On the other hand Nina changes into wearing a white, feathery, tutu as the white swan supporting the idea of Nina being a pure character

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