Sunday, 10 January 2016

Bourne Identity Opening Sequence

The scene begins with a surgeon removing bullets from the back of a wounded man lying down on a table inside the cabin of a boat, he had been previously found floating in the water and pulled aboard.The opening shot of the man in the water is haunting and immediately makes the audience curious as to how he got there. This is through the use of dark colours and minimal movement in the mise en scene.

 Low key lighting is used to put more emphasis on the man and to give more attention to the intricate work that the surgeon is doing. The camera cuts between a medium shot of the surgeon leaning over the man and close up shots of the surgical equipment, this is to show the surgeon’s reactions and to show more of the environment. The room in which the surgery is taking place is quite small and worn cabin room, not a fully safe environment for doing work, adding more suspense for the audience. The surgeon is wearing a woollen jumper while performing the procedure, this further suggests the work must be done and there is no time to spare changing clothes. The camera is used in a hand-held manner to express the tension of the scene and the nervousness of the surgeon. The removing of the bullets themselves is shown to make the audience more uncomfortable and on-edge, this is a convention of most thrillers.

The music is this scene uses a high amount of minor notes, a  violin is used for the main melody, and this combination is often used in thriller films as it creates suspense. Thunder and Lightning occurs throughout the sequence, this is a common technique used to enhance the tension or mood of the scene, in this case it is making the surgeon seem like an antagonist, however it also shows he brought the man in from harsh storm into a warm environment. The colours used in the scenes outside of the cabin are very cold, colours like blue, black and white are used, however inside the cabin warm colours such as reds, oranges and yellows are used to suggest safety. The surgeon finds a small device in the man’s hip, to show its importance to the audience many close ups of it are used and focus remains on it for a few shots, it is revealed to be a micro projector showing an unknown code. The use of clues and hints of the scene are vital to an opening sequence. 

Although there are no titles used in this scene, it is still a powerful opening sequence and it is useful to understand why.

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