Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Dark Knight Rises Review

Not being a huge fan of superhero movies, I didn't have much expectations for Batman Begins. However viewing the Christopher Nolan production, I was pleasantly shocked. Then after my huge expectations for, "The Dark Knight", Christopher Nolan blew my expectations to the dust. Will the same happen with the 3rd and last film, "The Dark Knight Rises"? Quite simply, Yes! My big expectations were once again, blown away. What a production! This is a true cinematic experience, to behold. The movie exceeded my expectations in terms of action, and entertainment. The editing, sound, score, visuals, direction and action are all top notch.
The film contains a fine cast of talented actors. Christian Bale, of course still makes a great Batman. Michael Cain is fantastic, as he always is. He gives such a powerful performance, he really ought to be considered for an Oscar nomination. Tom Hardy as Bane is utterly terrifying, at times, and completely ominous. Everyone is so great, the dynamic scenes between the actors are so well done, so well written, and so well directed. The Dark Knight Rises is emotionally perfect and amazing to view.
At a running time of almost 3 hours, the film never becomes dull, which is pretty rare. The movie's action sequences are spectacularly well created and very intense. The dialogue between the characters are intelligent and believable. The movie's soundtrack is terrific and really fits many of the movie's scenes. Nolan creates a grand, dirty, engrossing world, and his action sequences just show it all off.

In conclusion, this film is a gorgeous reminder that great writing and direction can enhance any movie-going experience, even superhero movies, which are usually thought of as mindless entertainment. I cannot recommend this film any more than I have, I just have to say everyone and anyone should see it. 

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