Friday, 29 January 2016

Equipment List

Nikon d3200- This will be our primary camera when shooting our film. We use this camera because its really great quality from a handheld and with the right settings it can shoot some really professional looking shots. Its also really easy to move around and can attach to tripods and stabilisers without any hassle.

GoPro Hero- We will use the GoPro whenever we want to get some unorthodox shots that we would be able to get with a larger camera. For instance we can attach it to our actors head and have it facing him as he runs.

Tripod- This will be used for most of our medium and long shots. It helps produce smooth stable still shots as well as having the ability to pan horizontally and vertically.

Gorilla Pod- Similar to a tripod expect you can bend and manipulate its legs to grip onto different surfaces and objects. This will help us get a better variety of shots and some more creative and interesting angles. To add to this we can use the pod as a handheld device to prevent any shakiness when shooting any moving shots.

Steadicam- this handheld device attaches to our dslr and completely stabilises the camera. This results in us being able to move with the camera quickly without any shakiness.

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