Saturday, 23 January 2016

Kingsman Review

Kingsman is a nod to the old spy thrillers, with its crazy gadgets, beautiful women, crazy bad guys... but turning it on its head in the best way possible.
I simply could not take my eyes off the screen. First we get some back story, a brief introduction to the Kingsman and how they kick-ass while wearing a suit (totally useless in real life fights, with all ties that can be pulled and pants that prevent any high kicking, but extremely awesome in movie fights). Than we meet Eggsy, a down on his luck kid that shows a hidden potential, and how he wants to turn his life around. He gets chosen and bam! Training. I just love training scenes.
This film wouldn't work if we didn't connect with Eggsy, but Taron Egerton does a fine job. Not only him, but Colin Firth is great as the "Mr. Miyagi". I've never seen him as an action hero, but he takes part in the best fight scenes in recent memory. Part of the credit though goes to Matthew Vaughn and his great directing. The way he plays with the camera, not using all that "shaky cam" that is all the rage these days, but actually immersing the audience and showing the important parts makes the punches all the more enjoyable.
Also, Kudos for Samuel L. Jackson for the role of the megalomaniac villain, and all the supporting cast like Mark Strong.
And last, but not least, the story is amazing. The script is simple in the beginning, with the underdog story we all know and love. There is nothing wrong with going for the known archetypes, you just have to do it well. And this movie nails it, while also creating something new. The ending of this movie is just delightfully surprising. A great way of twisting the spy genre.

Overall this film is very unique and refreshing. Definitely one of my favourite movies.

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