Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Main Task Final Idea Choice

In our main task, we were asked to make an opening title sequence relative to the thriller genre. Our group discussed many different ideas over a half an hour period. Most of the ideas we discussed sounded great at first but after further discussion we often realised that they would be too difficult to pull off with the resources and equipment that we have. One of the ideas I put across was a crazed, physcotic man moving through fields, alleyways and streets to kill his ex wife or girlfriend. However at some places he vistits he has flash backs of good memories with his wife. The sequence ends with him killing and the screen will be splattered with blood before the title appears.
My group seemed to like this idea and we discussed how hard it would be to accomplish. Although some aspects will be challenging, we decided to follow through with this idea. I am really excited about this peice as it will push us but i think the end result could be truly fantastic.

A storyboard, script and shot list will follow this post shortly along with further research into the thriller genre.

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