Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Peaky Blinders Title Sequence

I chose to analyse the title sequence of the popular tv series ‘Peaky Blinders’ because it is similar to what I want our title sequence to be. Instead of focusing on the titles alone, it focuses on the journey the main character is having throughout the city of Birmingham. Although our piece won’t be on this scale I want there to be an enticing story within our title sequence so the audience is immediately intrigued. Analysing this sequence has helped me understand the most effective shots to use when we film our sequence.

The title sequence starts out with a man on a horse going down an old dirt road while the locals begin the leave their houses. Medium and long shots are used to follow the character whilst still showing the chaos and bustle of the city around him.

The location of the setting appears on the screen in an old English looking font written in white to contrast with the background as the music begins to play and continues to play as the man on the horse carries on travelling. The music is slow and in the style of country and western,which contrasts the time and setting but is still very effective because it makes the man seem powerful.

We  hear diegetic noises like like the horse galloping, the locals talking and miners working. The use lots of longs shots to this is a good way to establish the setting they are in which is Birmingham, England 1919, post WW1.

Once the man on the horse has reached his destination the screen fades to black and the title appears on screen. This is a technique used in many opening sequences because it makes it obvious to the audience that this is the title as its the only thing in the frame. The title is white with dirt stains on some letters, this links in to the dirty streets of the city he is travelling through.

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