Friday, 22 January 2016

Sherlock Holmes Review

Sherlock Holmes sees our favourite detective arrive just in time to save the latest victim of a string of ritualistic murders lead by Lord Blackwood, the only villain not mentioned in the original books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Blackwood who, after being hung manages to resurrected makes a plot that becomes a threat to all of England. Using all his knowledge and cunning Holmes must find and stop Blackwood before it's too late.
Downey Jr is simply fantastic in this movie and one which introduced me to his talents and the whole world of Sherlock Holmes. Watching Downey, it's easy to forget that he is actually American with his superb attempt at the English accent that could put Englishmen to shame. Downey brings a certain charm and charisma that is very different to the Victorian man the public remember. However, I do have one problem and that's with his pronunciation. As I've already said, Downey is American to play Holmes, at some points I do have to rewind it back and listen again with the subtitles on to work out what he's saying.
Jude Law also brings Watson bang up to date. Gone is the fat baffled man we usually think of, to be replaced by one who can and will get stuck into anything he encounters. In this, we see Watson about to get married to his love interest Mary and it is quite clear that Holmes is finding it hard to let go of his best friend and work colleague.
Jude and Robert's chemistry is phenomenal in this movie, with hints of bromance  throughout; it's enough to make the all audience feel comfortable without getting too much like Brokeback Mountain.
The Canadian actor Rachel McAdams, best known for her work in Mean Girls, The Notebook and Time Travellers wife, is also brilliant, making her character charming, dangerous and quite sexy at the same time. Men want her and women want to be her and looking at her co-star Robert Downey Jr who wouldn't? She probably had the hardest job as she had very little to go on for a character that had been in the original books.
The best scene involves Holmes fighting in a low end bar to vent out his frustrations using slow motion camera movements where Holmes details exactly how he would beat his opponent with bone crunching results , literally.

The film is also shot beautifully throughout with satisfying slow motion and fast paced action scenes. I highly recommend this movie.

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