Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Summary of Title Sequences

-What common conventions did you find?
- What was a shock?
-How will this inspire/influence you?

When researching a variety of opening title sequences, I found many common similarities between them. Most thrillers sequences have many close up shots edited together at a fairly fast pace to create a chaotic or manic tone. I have also noticed that almost all the title sequences I analysed have very low lighting or are set in a dark setting. This makes the sequence more ominous and mysterious. The reason for this is that thrillers often have a dark and suspenseful story line, so the director will want to set the tone immediately in the opening scene. One title sequence that really stood out to me was 'American Psycho' purely because of its simplicity and effectiveness. The whole title sequence is on a white background with nothinng else in the mise en scene except occasional drops of what seems to blood on the canvas. This creates quite a disturbing tone as the audience is unaware of where the blood comes from and what event are occuring off screen.However it is revealed at the end of the sequence that what we thought was blood is in fact a sauce for a meal. This is a perfect example of how directors can manipulate the mind of their audience and make a title sequence enticing.

I have also learnt that title sequences can have a story going on within them. I noticed that i became more drawn to sequences which had a variety of scenes going on. For instance the Peaky Blinders title sequence shows a man going through a bustling city with lots going on around him. I found thsis much more exciting and entertaining than other title sequences. This certainly inspired our groups own title sequence, as ours also contains a man walking through different locations as titles appear on screen. The Peaky Blinders titles sequence also inspired us with its choice of music. Whilst the music is calm and laidback, the mise en scene is full of chaos and action. This juxta position creates a kind of twisted and sinister tone which we really want to achieve in our piece.

Generally, analysing these title sequences has inspired me and our group massively and our final piece will be a very high quality because of it.

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