Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Walking Dead Opening Sequence

The titles themselves are  generic and just placed within each shot, the surnames of the cast and crew is in bold. We generally get one title per shot. The title, 'The Walking Dead' is placed at the end in capitals in the middle of the screen to show that this is the title of the series. It has a post-apocalyptic tone to it with the use of dark green in the background and the title being scratched at. The general feel to the titles have both a horror and post-apocalyptic sense to them, appearing dark, broken and dead.

This sequence uses many shots, most of which emphasizing on the sense of desertion and dark atmosphere. A lot of the shots are on fast forward, seemingly again showing the lack of activity in each shot. The fast paced shots fit well with the music placed and add to the excitement created altogether. Generally, the shots are very similar in that they all focus on an abandoned site or object. Some shots focus on individual items, whereas others focus on a place or setting. The individual objects are probably important within the show and have a deeper meaning.

Editing is very well done in this title sequence. Each shot fades into the next, some of which creating a parallel with the last shot. Each shot has a good transition into the next and is fast paced which fits with the music used. It all fits together well to create an exciting sequence through the use of the many different shots and the fast music. The editing comes together smoothly with the many different shots and the use of non-diegetic sound.

Again, this sequence relies completely on non-diegetic sound. This is normal for title sequences, though. The music used is suitable for the content and shots used. It's fast paced and exciting. It also has a sense of mysteriousness to it. It's used to to set the tone of the series.


We gain little narrative from this sequence. All we know is that, where the shots are taken, civilisation is gone. We get a quick shot of a creature's eye, making the audience wonder what that is and what it has to do with the series. Unlike most post-apocalyptic title sequences, the developers do not use the sequence to tell the story of the apocalypse. This is probably due to the fact that this is a TV series, and so telling the story of the apocalypse at the beginning of every episode could become tiresome for viewers.

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