Tuesday, 16 February 2016

First Draft

Here is our first draft for our Main Task. Overall I am really happy with how it looks and feels. I think the shot types are executed well my myself and Mason, The lighting is mostly good throughout and the story is clear even though we are yet to finish filming. However despite this there are still some things I want to improve with the edit:

  • The 'ear ringing' sound that occurs for the 30 seconds of the sequence is too loud and goes on for too long. I can easily lower the volume but I need to work out when the best time to cut the noise is.
  • the scene in which harvey is climbing up using the axe is a lot darker than other shots used. I will have to up the brightness in premiere.
  • Some of the titles have a 3d effect on them and i need to make sure they are at the same tilt or position as the object they are 'written' on.
  • As Harvey moves into the house and the scream goes black, a loud scream is heard. I want to add a muffled effect to this scream so it sounds like its coming from inside the house.
  • Finally the most crucial thing is to make sure we get our flashback filming done.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Use Of Blood When Filming

In our opening sequence, we wanted the blood to seem authentic and real so we used high quality fake blood that I ordered online. In the first scene Harveys face and hands are covered in blood. We applied it to these places by putting on our fingers and smothering it randomly to give it a more natural look.

This is what Harvey looked like after we applied the fake blood. I was fairly happy with the result as it definitely looked believable and will act as an iconic sign that he has fallen over and injured himself. However it isnt obvious where exactly he has cut himself.

One of the most challenging tasks we faced when filming was getting Jess's head wound to splatter across the floor. We ended up mixing our fake blood with Ketchup to make it look more thick and gruesome. We then used a paintbrush to splatter the blood across the 'carpet' which was infact a duvet cover. The picture on the left shows the end result which I am very happy with.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Audience Theories

Stuart Halls Theory
Hall believes there are three ways in which audiences read media texts:

Dominant reading- This is when the reader fully accepts what they are reading and the audience will read it the way the author wanted them to.

The negotitated reading- the reader partly believes what they are seeing and accepts it to a certain extent but sometimes changes it to more suit their own feelings an interests.

The oppositional reading- the readers social position allows them to reject the reading. This could be due to them not relating to the text or not being interested.

Hypodermic needle theory
This theory suggests that the mass media could influence a very large group of people directly by ‘shooting’ or ‘injecting’ them with appropriate messages designed to trigger a response.
 this theory (a bullet and a needle) suggest a powerful  flow of information from the sender to the receiver. The hypodermic needle model suggests that media messages are injected straight into a passive audience which is immediately influenced by the message. The theory also suggests that the audience are powerless to resist the messages the authors are creating.People end up thinking what they are told because there is no other source of information.

Personally, i believe in Stuart Halls theory as I think that each and every person views media differently. There is no doubt that the media influences everybody but I think some people are influenced far more than others. The argument that violent games like GTA are making young boys more aggressive and dangerous is absurd in my opinion.I play these games almost everyday and I feel no way inclined to go out and cause havoc in my local town. I think someone would have to have previous problems or physcological issues to be influenced so easily by these games.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Finding The Right Background Music

After looking on various copyright free websites online I have finally found the perfect track for our piece. I wanted the music to be fairly simplistic and have a folk feel to it and i think this song has both in abundance.  It fits the dark mysterious tone perfectly but will also work with the happy flashback scenes within our title sequence.

Copyright Law/ Royalty free music

What is copyright?
Copyright gives the creators of some types of media rights to control how they're used and distributed. Music, books, video and software can all be covered by copyright law.
The law that made copyright in the UK is called the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.
Having your product copyrighted means it cannot be used by other people without your permission.

How does this relate to our Media work?
In our title sequence we want background music to run throughout its duration. Unfortunately we dont have the resources to create our own music to a high standard. This means that we will have to find either Royalty Free Music or music that is not copyrighted and free for anyone to use.

What is royalty free music?
In a nutshell Royalty Free Music refers to a type of music licensing that allows the purchaser to pay for the music license only once and to use the music for as long as desired. For example you purchase a Royalty Free Music license for our title sequence.

I have been looking around Youtube to find some music that is free for everyone to use. A post will follow as to what ive found.

Research Powerpoint And My Response

How Has This Influenced Our Title Sequence?

Looking at the response to question 1 our group decided that we must definitely reveal our protagonist during our title sequence as its obvious thats what the audience would want to see. We planned to do this anyway but we may reveal him sooner judging by the feedback.

The feedback we got from question 2 helped us understand how long our sequence should be before the audience begin to lose interest. We want it to be engaging throughout so we will definitely aim for it to be no longer than a minute and a half.

The Third question revealed that the majority of the audience would like to see a male protagonist, which is what we were going for originally so luckily we don't have to change our initial plot line. We chose a male character because it fits the conventions of a thriller.

The main protagonist in thrillers often has some kind of mental illness and we wanted to find out which one the audience would find most interesting to see in our sequence. The most popular was Schizophrenia. We will try and add in some hallucinations or flashbacks for our main character to have after looking at this feedback.

Our next question asked people which title sequence they found most memorable out of the list we gave. The most popular choice was James Bond. We will take this into account and watch and analyse some James Bond title sequences to see if there are any elements we can take inspiration from and add into ours.

In our final question we asked our target audience what makes them watch a thriller and the most common answers were

  • The suspense and tension created
  • the soundtrack
  • gripping
  • creative narrative
From this feedback we can now adapt our title sequence to have more suspense and tension by choosing the right soundtrack and setting. E.g a wooded area. Furthermore we need to cast good actors and make the sure the script is of high quality. This is will make the piece much more immersive.


Here is a list of props we need for our Main Task. As our idea is fairly basic in terms of scenery and story telling, not many props are needed.

Bike- This will be shown on the floor in the opening shot of the sequence as Harvey has just fallen off it. The use of this prop tells the audience that he was meant to be going somewhere but has unfortunately crashed.

Fake Blood- This will be used throughout our sequence. It will firstly be seen all over Harveys shirt and hands. It will then be seen dripping from his body as he walks through various places. Finally it will be used to show Jess's dead body in the final shot.

Knife- The knife is crucial to the plot of our sequence. Harvey will pick it up at the start of the sequence and have it in his hand until the very end, meaning it will be shown in almost every shot. The knife signifies that he is out to kill someone but the audience are left wondering who.


Harvey- For the present day scenes harvey will be wearing a long sleeve white shirt with a very loosely done black tie,covered in blood.This is to tell the audience he is a working man. However in the flashback scenes he will be wearing much more casual and bright clothing, such as a blue T shirt and jeans. This shows he is having fun and seems casual

Jess- Jess is barely seen within the Present day scenes but i want to her to wear just everyday clothes so she is wearing black and jeans and a white t shirt, which represents her innocence within the plot. In the flashback scenes she will, like Harvey, be wearing casual bright clothes to reiterate her happiness. This could be with a flowerly dress or skirt.

Filming Locations

Here are some pictures of the locations we are filming in for our Main Task, they are all outside and are supposed to be fairly isolated and scary looking, especially in the dark.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Film Idea

Our group came to the realisation that our title sequence has quite a deep narrative and could end up seeming like a movie trailer instead of an actual opening sequence.However our group decided that our title sequence would seem like its own narrative but actually link in with the rest of the film. Obviously the sequence ends with Harvey killing Jess but if the film was to continue Harvey would end up enjoying killing her and move on to kill her family and many others, all whilst the police try and hunt him down. The film would certainly not get any less exciting and tense after the opening sequence.

Hopefully this has made the plot of the whole film more clear. The addition of flashbacks will also help our sequence seem less like a trailer.


Here is our groups animatic. Aashna did the drawing and description alongside Mason giving details and helping out. My job was to edit the drawings together and put the background music in. I think the animatic is fairly successful in the way of showing the basic plot and shot use of our film. However i think that there could be more analysis of these shot types and why we are using them.