Tuesday, 16 February 2016

First Draft

Here is our first draft for our Main Task. Overall I am really happy with how it looks and feels. I think the shot types are executed well my myself and Mason, The lighting is mostly good throughout and the story is clear even though we are yet to finish filming. However despite this there are still some things I want to improve with the edit:

  • The 'ear ringing' sound that occurs for the 30 seconds of the sequence is too loud and goes on for too long. I can easily lower the volume but I need to work out when the best time to cut the noise is.
  • the scene in which harvey is climbing up using the axe is a lot darker than other shots used. I will have to up the brightness in premiere.
  • Some of the titles have a 3d effect on them and i need to make sure they are at the same tilt or position as the object they are 'written' on.
  • As Harvey moves into the house and the scream goes black, a loud scream is heard. I want to add a muffled effect to this scream so it sounds like its coming from inside the house.
  • Finally the most crucial thing is to make sure we get our flashback filming done.

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