Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Here is a list of props we need for our Main Task. As our idea is fairly basic in terms of scenery and story telling, not many props are needed.

Bike- This will be shown on the floor in the opening shot of the sequence as Harvey has just fallen off it. The use of this prop tells the audience that he was meant to be going somewhere but has unfortunately crashed.

Fake Blood- This will be used throughout our sequence. It will firstly be seen all over Harveys shirt and hands. It will then be seen dripping from his body as he walks through various places. Finally it will be used to show Jess's dead body in the final shot.

Knife- The knife is crucial to the plot of our sequence. Harvey will pick it up at the start of the sequence and have it in his hand until the very end, meaning it will be shown in almost every shot. The knife signifies that he is out to kill someone but the audience are left wondering who.


Harvey- For the present day scenes harvey will be wearing a long sleeve white shirt with a very loosely done black tie,covered in blood.This is to tell the audience he is a working man. However in the flashback scenes he will be wearing much more casual and bright clothing, such as a blue T shirt and jeans. This shows he is having fun and seems casual

Jess- Jess is barely seen within the Present day scenes but i want to her to wear just everyday clothes so she is wearing black and jeans and a white t shirt, which represents her innocence within the plot. In the flashback scenes she will, like Harvey, be wearing casual bright clothes to reiterate her happiness. This could be with a flowerly dress or skirt.

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