Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Research Powerpoint And My Response

How Has This Influenced Our Title Sequence?

Looking at the response to question 1 our group decided that we must definitely reveal our protagonist during our title sequence as its obvious thats what the audience would want to see. We planned to do this anyway but we may reveal him sooner judging by the feedback.

The feedback we got from question 2 helped us understand how long our sequence should be before the audience begin to lose interest. We want it to be engaging throughout so we will definitely aim for it to be no longer than a minute and a half.

The Third question revealed that the majority of the audience would like to see a male protagonist, which is what we were going for originally so luckily we don't have to change our initial plot line. We chose a male character because it fits the conventions of a thriller.

The main protagonist in thrillers often has some kind of mental illness and we wanted to find out which one the audience would find most interesting to see in our sequence. The most popular was Schizophrenia. We will try and add in some hallucinations or flashbacks for our main character to have after looking at this feedback.

Our next question asked people which title sequence they found most memorable out of the list we gave. The most popular choice was James Bond. We will take this into account and watch and analyse some James Bond title sequences to see if there are any elements we can take inspiration from and add into ours.

In our final question we asked our target audience what makes them watch a thriller and the most common answers were

  • The suspense and tension created
  • the soundtrack
  • gripping
  • creative narrative
From this feedback we can now adapt our title sequence to have more suspense and tension by choosing the right soundtrack and setting. E.g a wooded area. Furthermore we need to cast good actors and make the sure the script is of high quality. This is will make the piece much more immersive.

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