Saturday, 6 February 2016

Use Of Blood When Filming

In our opening sequence, we wanted the blood to seem authentic and real so we used high quality fake blood that I ordered online. In the first scene Harveys face and hands are covered in blood. We applied it to these places by putting on our fingers and smothering it randomly to give it a more natural look.

This is what Harvey looked like after we applied the fake blood. I was fairly happy with the result as it definitely looked believable and will act as an iconic sign that he has fallen over and injured himself. However it isnt obvious where exactly he has cut himself.

One of the most challenging tasks we faced when filming was getting Jess's head wound to splatter across the floor. We ended up mixing our fake blood with Ketchup to make it look more thick and gruesome. We then used a paintbrush to splatter the blood across the 'carpet' which was infact a duvet cover. The picture on the left shows the end result which I am very happy with.

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