Monday, 21 March 2016

Third Draft (Potential Final Draft)

Here is our Third draft for our main task. Below is a list of things that I have changed since the last draft:

  • I have once again decreased the length of the ear ringing noise. It now begins to fade out at roughly 32 seconds. I did this using the exponential fade tool which is found in the 'audio transitions' section
  • At 1:31 I added a film dissolve transition to make the fade into a flashback seem more smooth. The flashback footage is also new to the edit so I added this in too.
  • I wanted to make it obvious to the audience that a flashback was occurring so I added a 'Lumetri Look' to each one. This is a filter that desaturates the shot and makes it more glossy. This therefore helps the audience understand when a flashback is occuring
  • At 2:05 I added a soundbridge. In this case you can hear Jess screaming when Harvey attacks her but it cuts to a close up of Harveys face after the phone call.
  • Finally, I faded the music at the end of the sequence,once again with exponential fade.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Skills Audit

Below is a skills audit I created at the start of the year to show my progress throughout the course. I focused on 10 different skills that I wanted to work on. In some of these skills I have improved massively but there are certainly a few that I need to work on. Within our group I took the lead in the skill of editing and audio. I managed to meet all the deadlines and select appropriate background music for both the Continuity and Main task.

Green= confident
Orange= Fairly confident
Red= not confident at all

Second Draft Main Task

Here is the second draft for our main task 'Through Thick and Thin'. We got lots of feedback from our first draft and I have made some changes after our group looked through it and below are the improvements I have made.

  • Most people who viewed the test screening thought that the 'ear ringing' noise went on for slightly too long at the beginning of our sequence. I took this into account and changed the edit so that the noise begins to fade away at around 40 seconds. I did this using the exponential fade tool.
  • Another piece of feedback we got was that the music came in to suddenly at 56 seconds. So to change this I once again used to exponential fade tool to make the music come in more gradually.
  • The next improvement I made was at 1:22. Unfortunately these 2 shots were very out of focus so I played around with the blur tool in Premiere to make it seem more deliberate and it actually creates quite an eerie atmostphere. Despite this I would still like to do a reshoot.
  • The final change I made was at 1:43. The tilt shot I used showing the church was very shaky and looked unproffessional. However I used the Warp Stabiliser tool which made the shot much smoother and im happy with the result meaning we wont need to reshoot. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

'Through Thick and Thin' Age Rating

Our group has decided to rate our movie a 12A. This is due to mild use of blood and violence in the film, seen on Harvey and Jess in many scenes. There is also quite an eerie and scary feel to the sequence which could scare young children. I dont think there is any reason to rate it higher than this because there is no actual violence seen in the film. There also isnt any sexual or drug related content. Having a 12A rating means our target audience has to be over the age of 12 and we should only show it to maturer audiences. I will also add the 12A sign to the beginning of the film.

Changing Harveys Costume

In a previous post I explained what our group wanted Harvey to wear in our sequence.His outfit consisted of a white long sleeve T-shirt with a very loosely done tie. However neither Harvey or any of our group members owned either of those things and unfortunately we left it too late to go out and buy them. This meant we had to quickly think of an alternative outfit for harvey to wear. We decided to go with a dark blue hoodie and jeans. These dark colours still made Harvey look quite menacing but in my opinion he looked a bit too casual and young considering he was playing a man in his 20's. I would have much preferred the original outfit but sometimes you have to compromise and we couldnt afford to delay filming any longer.

Above is what Harveys outfit looked like.