Friday, 11 March 2016

Second Draft Main Task

Here is the second draft for our main task 'Through Thick and Thin'. We got lots of feedback from our first draft and I have made some changes after our group looked through it and below are the improvements I have made.

  • Most people who viewed the test screening thought that the 'ear ringing' noise went on for slightly too long at the beginning of our sequence. I took this into account and changed the edit so that the noise begins to fade away at around 40 seconds. I did this using the exponential fade tool.
  • Another piece of feedback we got was that the music came in to suddenly at 56 seconds. So to change this I once again used to exponential fade tool to make the music come in more gradually.
  • The next improvement I made was at 1:22. Unfortunately these 2 shots were very out of focus so I played around with the blur tool in Premiere to make it seem more deliberate and it actually creates quite an eerie atmostphere. Despite this I would still like to do a reshoot.
  • The final change I made was at 1:43. The tilt shot I used showing the church was very shaky and looked unproffessional. However I used the Warp Stabiliser tool which made the shot much smoother and im happy with the result meaning we wont need to reshoot. 

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