Monday, 21 March 2016

Third Draft (Potential Final Draft)

Here is our Third draft for our main task. Below is a list of things that I have changed since the last draft:

  • I have once again decreased the length of the ear ringing noise. It now begins to fade out at roughly 32 seconds. I did this using the exponential fade tool which is found in the 'audio transitions' section
  • At 1:31 I added a film dissolve transition to make the fade into a flashback seem more smooth. The flashback footage is also new to the edit so I added this in too.
  • I wanted to make it obvious to the audience that a flashback was occurring so I added a 'Lumetri Look' to each one. This is a filter that desaturates the shot and makes it more glossy. This therefore helps the audience understand when a flashback is occuring
  • At 2:05 I added a soundbridge. In this case you can hear Jess screaming when Harvey attacks her but it cuts to a close up of Harveys face after the phone call.
  • Finally, I faded the music at the end of the sequence,once again with exponential fade.

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